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New Rules, Mods and other changes
The following new rules are now in effect across the booru. All other posts about rules or guidelines are defunct and these are the new extant rules for Bleachbooru.

We have also taken a closer look at our mod team. We've swapped out some people, added new ones, and are still looking for more.

If you are interested in being a mod, you MUST be willing to use and communicate via discord with existing staff.

Bleachbooru Rules

0. Bleachbooru is for BLEACHED content; i.e. raceplay content centering around themes of white supremacy and WmxF interracial.

Section I: Tagging
1. Newly uploaded images must at least have 10 tags.
a. Artist tag
b. Copyright/series tag
c. Character tags
d. Editor tag, if applicable
e. As many more descriptive/general tags as required to hit the 10-tag minimum. Preferred for edits are descriptions of the editing work done e.g. "skin_edit".
f. This is not an exhaustive list. Tagging the races of characters, their body types, and anything else you can think of is desirable, as it exceeds the 10-tag minimum.
g. Persistently failing to sufficiently tag uploads may result in a ban, or a revocation of upload privileges.

2. If available, where the image was sourced from should be added in the source box. E.G. Pixiv, Twitter, Artstation links.

3. Edits and captions should be of high quality. Edits and captions that are of lower quality than is desired should be deleted, and the editor or uploader should be guided by mods on how to produce better content.
a. Ways that an edit can be bad include:
i. Excessive JPEG artifacts or color banding.
ii. Edit work done on a low-quality/"sample" version of an image.
iii. Aliasing/"jaggies" on skin edits.
iv. Tattoos not properly blended into an image (often popularly known as "PNG dragging").
v. Skin edits that make "white" skin an unpleasant pink, grey, or yellow.
b. Ways that a caption can be bad include:
i. Poor font choice (e.g. a cursive font on a long-form caption, or Impact/Comic Sans literally ever).
ii. Poor typesetting that uses garish colors, occludes the image or makes the text difficult to read.
iii. Long content unbroken into paragraphs ("walltext").
iv. Grammar and/or punctuation mistakes that impede the pleasant readability of the text.
v. Bad writing. This is subjective, and should not be used as an excuse to delete content that a moderator dislikes. Moderators should confer with the team before deleting content for bad writing.
c. Persistently uploading low-quality content may result in a ban or a revocation of upload privileges.

4. Extreme content (lolicon and shotacon; snuff, ryona, and "disposal") must be tagged appropriately. Failure to tag such content appropriately may result in a ban or a revocation of uploading privileges.

5. Animated GIFs of low-quality 3DCG animation, or of IRL sex, are not appropriate content for the booru. High-quality 3DCG animation may be permitted if it is a small file.

Section II: Moderation
6. Users should flag content that breaks the above rules for deletion by a moderator.

7. When deleting content, moderators should explain why they are deleting it, and include their booru username in the deletion reason.

8. Moderators and janitors are expected to keep in contact with the team by the means provided by the administration, and to only delete content that breaks rules.

Section III: Other Rules
9. Using the booru to coordinate raids on other sites is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.

10. Spamming the booru with unrelated images, or erasing or adding garbage to tags, is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.

11. All content on the booru is expected to follow the laws of its jurisdiction. In particular, child sexual abuse imagery ("CP") is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
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