My friend its time for our future

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my friends, as many of you are well aware, there are more and more neural networks for communication on the Internet every day, a significant part of them allows you to communicate with your wayfu or other personalities close to you. But the trouble is that there is no bleached version of these creatures yet , and this is a disaster , judge for yourself how much more time we will lose before we finally start fighting for the honor of our waifs ? day , week , year ? no, we cannot leave everything to the mercy of fate, we must develop in this direction before it is too late for us. My white brothers, history has challenged us again, as it did centuries ago, but we have only one way, only victory, only success.

As an option, you can start from this site or update our own house in a similar way, in any case, friends are the future and it is necessary for us and our waifu. I hope that all this text will inspire people and our beloved bleached website will enter a new era , Knights rise , DEUS

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  • I'm kinda disappointed the route AI has taken recently. Like it's mostly just for entertainment instead of practical things. I saw a total of only 1 guy in the past few years use it for practical thing which was he made like an AI sentry gun for airsoft (which is practical since you can also use it with a real gun even tho it's illegal). like entertainment is already cheap and free enough; what we need AI for is automating the repetitive boring jobs

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