Opinions on British women?

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Yeah Id have to agree. Most id say are very chill and friendly all around! Love the charismatic nature and there sense of self. Ones ive met are intellects and understanding and all around great gals. They know what they want and thats usually bwc so great interactions all around!

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  • Random00000 said:

    Helloooooooo, as the title would suggest I'm a British women and I'm curious as to the views the bleached community has on them?

    Cute, but I personally prefer Aussies

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  • I'm british myself so they're the default option I guess, Asian women in my area tend to be from Pakistan & India which are rather sexist countries so they're a lot more submissive and meek a lot of the time compared to british women who will bite back especially if they're 1st or 2nd gen immigrants

    I don't really have a lot of experience with other asian women since the typical east asian chinese/japanese immigrants tend to be in the posh areas and nicer cities, so I don't really have an opinon on them to compare. Most immigrants tend to go to newcastle which is pretty far out from me.

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