Thoughts on people transitioning to a different race

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So i have 2 friends who are currently doing this. One is black and trying to transition to white, and one is asian and trying to transition to Hispanic. Ik this topic is divisive, but i wonder what a raceplay forum would think about it

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  • It wont happen nor be allowed to happen because there are laws in place based on race. If you are a white dude and try to apply as black, they wont take you seriously. That said, i wish someone would challenge the laws, like if you get sued for not having enough black people i wana see the court case where half ur white staff say they are black.

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  • Only way you can transition is through your kids. If you are a colored woman then spread your legs and get pregnant from a white male.

    If you are a colored guy simply dont make kids on your own and instead offer your girlfriend or offer other females of your race to white men.

    If you tick both ways you can help them breed, by assisting them and prepearing them for a session (by sucking them off f.e)

    Okay seriously you cant just transition and if you do the community of the race you "charged" to wont accept and take you serious

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