Wishes for future mascots?

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aelox57 said:

Personally I hope we see Monika from DDLC as a future mascot for the site. She's a huge slut for BWC and getting bleached by white men.
Who you guys hoping to see?

Shihoun Yourichi, Nessa ( Pokemon ) , Bea ( Pokemon ), Any fucking black woman really and if they absolutely HAVE to be asian Mikasa Ackerman or characters with distinct asian properties like that eye shape and small chin we all love so much.

My reasoning for this is that the first impression you get of this site is that you come on look at ' posts ' and the girls in the pictures are ones you wouldn't be able to tell were asian without knowing the source material. Hell, sometimes you even know the source material and they're not asian in that! Hilda & Rosa are an easy example, they're quite popular on this site even though the city of Unova ( A stand-in for new york ) is in USA

Broken_Gizmo said:

There is literally a Blonde-Haired, Blue Eyed, White Pony with a swaztika cutiemark named Ary Ann (i might have misspelled it)

I mean fair but not all of us have the Nazi subkink

DizzyYellow said:

I mean fair but not all of us have the Nazi subkink

id be more concerned he said pony, i doubt most people on the boou are into mlp porn

Anyway the current type of mascot is good, the main issue is in the hentai she gets dicked by orcs and stuff which is fantasy version of getting blacked. Any asian anime girl that tends to hang around whites, Mikasa would be good. I just think she isn't the perfect mascot because she has less of a curvy body, which is fine and I like fit women, but for a porn site the mascot should be a voluptuous woman, like the current one