How did you get into Bleach~?

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Extremely simplified: an ex was into all kinds of weird shit and inherited a lot from her; one day, discussing the fact that I've had plenty of non-white partners in the past brought it to light for her that I might have a thing for submissive, non-white masochists and well, the taboo of it all, but I never gave it much thought until I grew tired of porn trends and such. Also the whole primitive ownership thing but the fact that it can balance pretty well with the more wholesome aspects of romance (unlike certain other kinks) means it is versatile and can work despite the mood. Sometimes you want sweetness, sometimes you want roughness, you know?

In recent years I've gotten really into raceplay porn. I first started with more of the blacked stuff on places like Rule 34, but I also came across some bleached white-focused raceplay now and then. One such image I found on Rule 34 was eventually removed (that site is notoriously hypocritical when it comes to raceplay), so I went looking for it and came across the previous version of this booru, and it's become a mainstay for me ever since.

I'll admit, I still go back and forth between blacked and bleached stuff depending on my mood, so much so that I occasionally forget which one I'm looking at at the moment (I get kinda stupid when I'm horny). That said, now that this site is back, I plan on visiting a lot more, I miss bleached content.

TLDR: love raceplay, got into blacked hentai initially but soon after discovered bleached, now into both but leaning towards bleached more and more.

Highlife said:

Better question might be how many people got into Bleached for reasons that don't somehow involve Blacked

I'm basically reacting against blacked so I guess that's involved enough, but I was never into it and I've never been a "all raceplay matters" kind of person. It's part political and part historical for me.

I initially found bleached stuff out of spite a few years ago, more so than anything. As time went on I found I liked it more and more unironically, even the most degenerate heinous stuff. Me being a white guy certainly helped.

I was into bleached since I was a teen but what kicked off my love for it was a nigger girlfriend I had a few years back who was super into it, to the point that she would wear white supremacy themed underwear in public all the time. So it was because of her that I found bleachbooru in the first place.

I love black girl since i'm a kid, dunno exactly why but it's the case and that love has grown when i was a teen and a black girl was clearly into me.
I also love dom/sub roleplay. I have a breeding kink. And it's a bit hard to find good porn about theses things and during my search i just found bleached. I really like it even if i don't really like all the cleansing stuff cause, you know, i just love black girls, why the hell would i want them to disapear lmao.

hapacuck said:

I am a bisexual hapa who's into crossdressing since I was a teenager and started dating a white girl (been together with her for more than 5 years by now). We're both very right-wing and into white cocks and she wants to have white children. Then I developed a cuckold fetish after sharing some pics of her on 4chan. All those things converged when I found out about this booru. We'd never have any actual cuckolding and/or bisexual experiences since she's too shy and gets a little jealous when thinking about me getting cock, but she's opening a lot for the last couple years and sometimes we find a guy to do a little bit of sexting and nudes exchanging and we're planning for her to get a queen of hearts tattoo on her inner thigh. I'm also planning on getting a vasectomy.

That's hot and adorable goodluck with that tat and surgery!

Was rping with an Asian chick once, she mentioned stuff that got me absolutely diamonds. Like seeing her straight, long, black hair flowing over her ass as she bounced on me, her gorgeous black eyes staring deep into mine as she locked her legs around me forcing me to cream her. God I wish there was more femdom stuff here. Anyway, that led to one thing and led to another thing and here I am.

I was on the Hub, and found a video of an asian girl sucking a white dick. I clicked on it, went to the comments and saw something about her getting Bleached. My mind said : "what the fuck is a Bleached, is it like Blacked but with white people ?". So I looked for "Bleached Porn" on Google thinking I was gonna see something about Bleach (the anime), but none of that, I found something that I really liked and ever since then my "go-to" porn is Bleached porn .

I've had a preference for black women as long as i can remember. even before puberty, i thought black women were more interesting to look at than white or Asian women.
also been very right wing my entire life. eventually, one day on Reddit, i met a black conservative girl who had a preference for white men. still haven't found another one since. she introduced me to this booru.

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