How long you work on your edits?

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Personally, I do the bulk of the edit in about 2:00 - 2:30 hours, especially large edits can take up even 3 hours, that's if you need full body tatto + skin edit. But I'm talking about highres arts, but for lowres (lower than 1.8k × 1.8k) skin edits is more that quick, in about 15 minutes.

I think I do this very slowly, so I ask other editors, how much time do you spend on your edits?

(If anything, I do it all on my phone.)

If it's just a skin edit then probably no more than 10 minutes. Simple clothing edits like flag apparel (since I'm more active in nationplay) take a while longer, like 20-40 minutes. I haven't done anything super complicated with tattoos and stuff since it's not my preference. I use desktop photoshop and a mouse.