REAL bleached girl, or IRL "qoh"? Yes, there are, and i'll link some below. Actual vids of girls wearing the underwear. CHECK THIS OUT!!!

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Norse_Daddy said:

We must all support this. Combat Blacked with BLEACHED. Please give these girls who actually rep BWC and literally wear clothes saying they love BWC a shout out.

Ah, She's latina, makes sense - in latin countries you're either demonised for dating a gringo or encouraged to do so both of which can push a sexy latina towards bleached~
Anyhow, It's nice to see the kink being adopted irl <3

altingjake said:

I mean really why is a thing but isn't? Also the tiktok link is down

Considering this site exists, it is a thing. If you mean popularity, that should be obvious. It's just who has the most money behind them. The admins can hardly keep this site up, they aren't going to be spending billions on the porn industry any time soon