Whiteboy Summer RP

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Whiteboy Summer: A yearly gathering that lasts every summer where women women of all nationalities that who ALL crave BWC who flock to a certain island resort off the Gulf of Mexico to hunt for some Big White Cock to either find a oggd boyfriend/husband or to get their brains fucked out.

Here at Busteez Island Resort, young and older white men can find any numbe of slutty, big-titted, fat-assed BWC-hungry sluts ready and eager to twerk and clap their fat asses for the biggest, fattest white cocks they see, more than eager to show off their erotic skills to get their fix of White Fever. Weather women of high social class or even the lowest of the middle-class, Whiteboy Summer is the place where women go to get Bleached in the summer and hopefully score a white man to love them like a queen and fuck them like a cock-hungry slut~❤️

My Discord is Dabowers#6617

If your interested in this rp idea, send me a DM. We'll dicuss kinks and turn-offs as well as your literacy level and ow many women you can play.

Limits: Racism, white supremacy, rape, abuse, golden showers, bathroom kinks

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