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So, you saw a good image, however, there is no Bleached version of it yet? Or maybe you did find a image that could be considered Bleached already but you want to add even more stuff to it? Well, this is the perfect place to you! In this forum topic, you can request for editing the image!


Quick reminders: Please follow the rules when requesting a image edit. Before requesting, make sure that the image you are requesting doesnt exist already. If the original image for editing is not hosted in Bleachbooru, make sure to use a image service that is generally considered trustworthy, such as Gelbooru. No one here is obligated to do your request, so if its no one edits it, you can always edit yourself using the tutorial that are avaiable.


For requesting, you can use the following format:

Original Image: Here you copy and paste the original image link. The editor can use this image for making your request.

Skin Edit: If you want to edit the skin, ask for it like "Black male to White male, Black woman to White woman". (I dont think I need to add that this is only an example and you can request other races for editing). If the image can already be considered Bleached and you dont want a skin edit, please only write "None".

Add content: If you want to add tattoos, change bikinis patterns, changing the background or anything that is similar to those examples, ask it like "QoH tattoo, Flag of Germany bikini, Flag of Germany background". If you dont want to add anything, please write "None"

Caption: If you have want to add a caption, you can ask it here. (For Editors: if there is a caption request, considerer uploading the image without the caption too if it doesnt needs the caption for being considered Bleached content). If you dont want to add a caption, only write "None"

Additional Requests: If there is something that you want to request but the request form doesnt have a place for it, please add here. If you do not have additional requests, please write "None"


After writing your request, it should look like this:

Original Image:
Skin Edit: Black to White man, White to Black woman.
Add Content: QoH tattoo, SS tattoo, American flag bikini, Germany flag background, "Bleached" censorbar in the eyes.
Caption: I fucking love white cock~ Nothing can be better than white cock~
Additional Requests: None


And now you wait! Remember that not always your image edit will be done by someone else, but you can always make the edit yourself!

If you are editing, make sure to reply to the request comment with the image already edited if you posted it already!

If you feel something is missing in this forum, please tell me and I will edit it!


This forum was not made by any admins, so it might get locked or deleted in the future!

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Hi so, I'm a real big fan of this character, Riko, drawn by Shuz. But there are only 2 bleached edits of her, and they're technically both the same, as seen in my favorites. However, there's a whole host of them on R34, ripe for editing.

I would like some QoH tattoo edits, along with QoH edits to her clothing. Please no Nazi shit, but LOTS of Bleached, anti-Asian shit, please. Oh, and only edit the modern pics of her, you can easily identify which ones are modern by breast size, lol. But seriously, she's a LOT more petite in the older versions, and her eyes are red. Modern versions are a lot thicker with pink eyes.

So, I don't know if there's a LIMIT to how many pics a person can request to edit, but here are a few of my favorites that you can choose from!

Basic editing request: literally any image edited with text and with statistics. Preferably something like dating or sex statistics but creativity is good. As of right now there’s only 6 still living statistics images.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write captions for my upcoming edits, ideally familiar with the characters from various fandoms, but I am currently working on something from Star VS. the Forces of Evil.

Also, if there are images you would like to have edited, so that you can caption them, you are welcome to pitch your idea to me.

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