rwby headcanons

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Don’t know how long this will last.
But jumping in id say Yang would be the big “Queen of Hearts” of the team and would make her teammates get into White dicks as well~
In particular she loves seeing Blake getting dicked down while waiting for her turn~

Other than that the big one on the top of my head is Pyrrha getting hot for local Aryan Jaune Arc, and that’s not even headcanon

Kali is totally infatuated with any and all White humans, living on an island with no one else but Faunus-kind surely has made her bored of the monotonous lifestyle. If Blake isn't going to be giving her any White grandchildren anytime soon, she'll just take it upon herself to pop out as much White kids as possible, even going as far as setting Blake up on blind dates with the men she slept with and deems worthy of bleaching her dear daughter~

IDK but I still like Sun even though he's not human and has a bit of a darker complexion, I can just imagine him as a Spanish or Italian dude with a Mediterranean tan and a tail.