What languages do you speak

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Bit of an odd question but I was wondering what language people speak.
I’m a native English speaker but learned French and Spanish at school and am learning German in my own time.

Then learned a bit of French back in the day, found it super hard and promptly forgot it
Then learned a bit of Spanish after that, found it super hard and promptly forgot it

Then I learned German and, I shit you not, I found it as easy to learn as English, if not easier in places. I'm not even joking, I gained basic conversational proficiency within about a month, and just got better from there.

I wasn't even super invested into it, or super enthusiastic to learn it, it was just some blowoff university credits, but that shit just slid right into place like it was supposed to be there. It was before I found Bleached stuff but now looking back it feels like I lived through a bleached meme.

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