Women of bleachbooru, what's your ethnicity?

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The most common ethnicity I've ran into excluding caucasian is latina so i'm interested to see what results I get ( assuming I get any to begin with ) I end up with once activity on this thread has ceased.

HitlersTopcoomer said:

Yeah idk
Probably catfishes or troons
Only believe it when I see it

real women and troons are both so mentally unstable. how do you tell the difference? (without an IRL meet up obviously.)

HitlersTopcoomer said:

Also because they were indoctrinated into thinking the way they do?

You can only indoctrinate something into someway if it's part of their nature. You can't make a dog learn how to fly, no matter how much social engineers try. There are some "decent" women, but many are just vicious ammoral agents of whoever is in power. Just down to the ones with good instincts or not.

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