Demand for a similar site

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There is demand for a similar site but with a different focus. Namely for a site without these two rules:

>What does NOT constitute content suitable to be posted on the Bleachbooru can include any of the following:
>"Original White-on-White": An image of two white characters having sex with one another.


>PSA: Do not upload pornography of real people

These rules set the scope of the booru and serve well for their purpose. I think there is also demand (or a product-market fit, if you will) for a site with these rules removed, mainly focusing on 3DPD and without a focus on editing.

PS. Truthfuly I do understand what the "only non white women" rule is doing but I do not fully understand why it is desired. Not everyone finds nonwhites attractive, so this rule seems only to limit the scope of the site to a specific mentality without much holistic change to the contenf itself compared to the "no pornography of real people" rule which I am more able to understand. It also has various escape clauses such as considering white-looking anime characters as asian — not to say all anime girls are white, but blond hair blue eyes anime girls are not asian; allowing "male skin-edits" (something I won't go into here); and "animated content with sound that meets a sufficient quality standard."

The reason for "original white-on-white" being generally banned save for an Asian character being railed by a white male (previously, this was banned, but that's been rescinded) is primarily for server space concerns, and the belief that it detracts from what this site is about. It is always going to be about raceplay-oriented fetish content, nothing more or less. Someone could get into arguments then about how some anime character isn't Asian because they have blonde hair or something, but this type of person is retarded. Shizuku Marikawa is Japanese, there is not avoiding that at all.

As for real people, plenty of the real person edits are godawful and simply get removed for Quality Control reasons anyway.