New Bleached Mascot waifus

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As you can see, the update allowed a whole slew of new waifus to pop up as mascots for the fetish~ Here are the ones I saw so far. Any you find feel free to report and I’ll list it here.

Asagi Igawa from Taimanin Asagi (previous/first mascot)
Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuuin from Kill La Kill (each separately with an extra pic together)
Baiken from Guilty Gear
Yor Briar/Forger from SpyXFamily
Galko from Oshiete! Galko-Chan
Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid
Revy from Black Lagoon

These sluts are in as the new black, and it looks like Asagi still has some trending style~

yomihara-exec said:

There will be even more added in the coming updates. Any previous winners of the BWOTM hosted in the old Discord server will be making an appearance.

Would the full image's of the mascot also be posted on bleachbooru or the mega?

fkiblaze said:

is there a tag that shows all the banner girls? also is it really best to use IRL cosplayers on there? wasnt there a rule against irl stuff for a reason?

"Dangerous IRL Editing: While editing JAV stars, cosplayers, and other such public figures is fine, editing IRL individuals who are liable to harass the Booru or are not public sexual figures (Examples: Twitter user with active base, your neighbor, OnlyFans nobody, etc.) is not."
We have various IRL edits already up, and they're permissible because they generally fall into this category of not being "problematic" for us. The last time that an IRL edit happened and it was an issue (when many others prior weren't) was entirely because it was one of those always-online mid Twitter women that had a base make her "aware" of what was going on.

Personally, I also think that those edits of said Twitter person were actually a false flag or gay op, because they sucked quality-wise, she wasn't hot at all, and she immediately "found out" I think within the same day, or the day after.