Stable diffusion extension LoRa for generating women with "white cocks matter" shirts (or adding them to existing images via img2img/inpainter)

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Howdy yall if any of you have been looking have fun with ai i've been cooking up a proof-of concept LoRa to see if complex words/phrases/symbols can be generated consistently by stable diffusion (particularly in the context of "bleaching" an image using in-painting)
here is an example of an image that turned out well

anyways here are the things your gonna need
also the following resources are REQUIRED: , , as well as a recent-ish NVidia compatable GPU with over 4 gigs VRam and 10 gigs hard drive space with an install of Linux or Windows 7/8/10/10 pro/11
to use the lora simply put it in <stable diffusion directory>/models/Lora and add 'white cocks matter shirt <lora:WCM-10v2:1>, clothes writing, english text, text on clothing' to the positive prompt

note: AI is prone to scew ups so if it doesnt work at first try generating again a couple more times and if it still fails adjust positive and negative prompts as needed
you should leave model weight at 1 (the 1 in <lora:WCM-10v2:1>) for best results

please note that is HIGHLY experimental and even though I will be gradually releasing more LoRas I have limits: no overly complex topics, and keep things on topic to the premise of the bleached fetish/kink