You now have your own country

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There has been a ripple in time, a warp in the fabric of reality, a glitch in the matrix and a knot in an sjw's panties.

And now you're the ruler of your very own, brand new island or other plot of land that has been materialized and placed into our world. This place is exactly as you have dreamed it to be, from the location and landscape, all the way to the culture and infrastructure.

So now, I would like a tour. Tell anything that comes to mind.

What is the weather like down there? Who are the people of your land? What laws do you have? What punishments do criminals receive? Is your country a democracy or a dictatorship? Are you a secular state, a theocracy or something in between? What is your life like?

I want details people, details.

Well this is a bit cheating since I’m not particularly doing a country but rather doing an island.

Here in this Xanadu, I created a fortress of sorts in the South East Asian Pacific. Obviously it’s a tropical island but I made sure my palace is quite cool. Besides this mansion, I also own an unreasonably extensive greenhouse that includes several cash crops, some to eat and all of them having a high demand on the market, especially with a little trick of mine that makes the contents “addicting” as you’d say~

There aren’t particularly paid workers here but sex slaves: women and femboy gooks who I have trained not only in lust and subservience but also to perform certain tasks around the house. Their payment aside from food and lodging is getting dicked down daily, which they all enjoy~

Aside from some leisures of my own, and making sure my servants are properly taken care of, my main concern is the crop selling, which obviously funds our mansion and allows us to keep afloat, though there are plenty of crops that can be used for culinary purposes as well

It’s more a private property than a country, so no laws, punishments or form of government, though I arguably am king here~

An island in the South Pacific where I cater to all the darkest desires of mankind; a real 120 days of sodom kinda thing. Sex slaves are kidnapped from around the world to serve on my island where they are routinely tortured, killed, and eaten to sustain the small community of local slaves and myself. I would run this operation by having cameras installed around the operation and charging extortionate fees for "rentals". If they refuse to pay, the videos of them doing such horrid things get released to the public at large. How would the people take it if some Human Rights politician is seen fucking the bleeding guts of some poor street raghead? Not too well, I'd imagine.

SecretNazi said:

An island in the South Pacific where I cater to all the darkest desires of mankind; a real 120 days of sodom kinda thing. Sex slaves are kidnapped from around the world to serve on my island where they are routinely tortured, killed, and eaten to sustain the small community of local slaves and myself. I would run this operation by having cameras installed around the operation and charging extortionate fees for "rentals". If they refuse to pay, the videos of them doing such horrid things get released to the public at large. How would the people take it if some Human Rights politician is seen fucking the bleeding guts of some poor street raghead? Not too well, I'd imagine.

I bomb your island

Turn it into a large welfare state partially funded by high taxes on the wealthy and larger corporations while providing subsides to important sectors of the economy and permitting limited immigration of skilled labor to give me a competitive edge over rivals. Use the military as both as a tool of war and as something to support civilian endeavors. Promote a more moderate form of nationalism that stresses national unity and a national identity over a single ethnic group. Maintain a pragmatic foreign policy that stresses soft power over any bold and brash, and use it to build up influence in other countries to tether their economy to mine. Oh, and most importantly, maintain the executive as an exceptionally powerful figure but permit limited democratic processes on a local basis. Be a supreme leader that lets their subjects have the illusion of choice and make sure that only sympathetic people run in their 'elections'.

My ideal country would be either a island in the pacific/atlantic ocean or a strip of land in southern/central africa. As a swiss guy who lives in (in my opinion) one of the best fucking countries to live in, i would model its politics accordingly.

A direct democracy with frequent votings on referendums. My country will be a federations of many cantons/districs. The national council (federation itself) focuses on national problems like foreign policy, railway and highway (infrastructure in general) between the cantons, the economy, health and other important things. Infrastructure inside of the cantons, police, education and other public services are the job of the cantons.

The economic system should be a healthy mix of a social-market. Hgiher taxes on larger companies, lower on smaller, higher taxes on the rich, lower on the middle class/poor.
The Infrastructure is the most important. Public transport is key.
Railway lines are gonna connect cities and major industrial points. Busses and trams are going to be a major factor in the mobility of the cities.

Education will be a important factor. Its basically just being a copy of switzelrand (just google how this holy clusterfuck works. I love it and i am grateful for experiencing it).
The only thing that will change is going to be the teaching of culture, more on it later.

The population of the country would be mostly white, idealy over 98%. Mostly Christian or atheists. The catholic church should be the biggest church. Small amount of muslims are gonna be allowed as they could be foreign workers. Jews are treated equally as white/christians/atheists.

Mosques (like in switzerland) are not allowed to be all shiny and presently. No minarrets, no burqas/niqaps. Hijabs are allowed.

Synagoges are treated the same as churches. Churches have all the freedom to be constructed. Chappels too.

There will be some kind of apartheid in my country. Not as bad as SA but it will be visible.

The official "races" are gonna be:

White (European, white skin, slav, liberian, italian, greek, nordic)
Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, siberian)
Latino (south and censtral america)
White-Americans (whites with ancestory in the old world, living in the new world)
Blacks (Africa, afro-americans)
Arabs (middle eastern)
South east asians

The main effects of the apartheid are going to be on the Blacks, arans, turkics , indians and south east asians.

White are holding most of the important offices of the country. Asians are treated the same as whites, allthought whites have some priority like in health care.
Latinos are treated lesser than asians. Mostly Latino men.

All other races are sanctioned by the goverment.

Race mixing is only allowed when a white man and a foreign race woman come togheter.

Blacks are allowed to have 1 child, as well as all other supressed races.

Asians are allowed to have 2 pure-asian children.
Latinos are alllowed to have 2 pure-latino children.

Whites are encourage to have 2-3 or more children. Overpopulation should be a concern.

The main values of this society is:
White Purity, Intellect (education is valued), Religiousn, Money-focused

The Race laws have a impact on the criminal code.

The laws itself are pretty liberal. Weed is legal, harder drugs are not.
Rape is illigal except if its acted as revenge by the white population on a lesser race. Asians and Latinos are excepted from this excepion.
Abortion is legal. Murder is illigal.

Torture is a valid method for rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, animal-rape, torture (commited by a lesser race).
The death sentence is only allowed on special exceptions.

Also pedophilia, necrophilia and animal-rape or abuse are always countered with the torture sentence, even for whites.

Im tired as fuck so im probably gonna stop now.
this is like, in a nutshell

Britian with a Good government and a state wide ban on Islamic immigrants, one of the things that drove me into my little 2 year right wing anti-SJW phase was the fact the midlands of the UK is basically pakistan 2 and a lot of the time you can feel like a foreigner in your own country with shop signs in arabic, accents that make it hard to understand what people are saying and of course the fact your somehow a minority in a predominantly white country. The progenitor of this is the Qu'ran telling muslims to have big familes resulting in them moving into neighbourhoods and slowly breeding the white people out over the course of a few short generations, the Qu'ran also just spreads arab culture which slowly assumliates british culture into arab culture over time.

I've seen it happen all my life, so if i were given a country I'd put as many laws as possible to make sure I never see it happen there.

Being the OP here, I guess I'll finally give a rundown of my own nation:

It's a rather northern country with a bit of mountainous territory. Agriculture is possible but somewhat limited, which sadly does make us reliant on imports when it comes to coffee and tobacco. Good thing is that those will be so expensive that my good citizens will need to pick up healthier things.

I'm aiming for a "fascistic proto-communist" government basically. (I don't know the correct terms for this, that's just what I boiled it down to)
Basically, I, the dictator hold a single party which is the government. The government controls the important infrastructure and has a significant grip on the other businesses. If you want to open a bar or a nail salon, you are deep down technically a franchise owner, even though you get to name it (almost) whatever the hell you want.

Even though I have a one party system held by me, a dictator, democracy is not completely dead to my nation. Because those under me are still subject to it. If the people don't like the minister of health or the mayor of some town, they can choose to vote them out. People like to have some freedom.

I would try to uphold a good universal healthcare and welfare system for all, but willful parasites are very much frowned upon. With that, we segway into the next sector:

My country's consitution believes in human privileges rather than rights. That's not to say that nobody has any rights to live as a human. It means that you should not don't take them for granted. If you fuck up bad or misuse your rights, your human status may be... revoked.

I would attempt to hold equality among races and religions. But there is no mistake or debate here: Islam and it's muslims are not welcome here the same way as others are. Other faiths and racial/cultural groups have 3 strikes, muslims have 2. And even with one strike their people get a punishment. On strike 2 they get banned from entry and will either get on board the plane to Bumfuckistan or they go in the oven.

My nation is islamophobic and extremely proud of it. Those fucking sand shamans only know violence. Offer them peace and they'll make you regret it. Europe and the future caliphate of Swedistan know this too well.

The death penalty is in use. Nothing fancy and overcomplicated like a lethal injection. We put people on the firing line or gallows here. One way tickets to the afterlife are won with unjust murder, treason, adultery, violent rape and kiddy diddling.

Cruel and unusual punishments that are not death, include forced hard labor and some form of the pillory.

I would hold a sort of eugenics system in place. I won't sterilize or forbid anyone from breeding, but going against official guidelines and recommendations bars you from any parental benefits you may have otherwise gained. I would also try to quell shitty parenting as best as I could with an interview and background checks of two potential parents before their kid is born. If our doctors and pre-parenthood interviewers say "alright" you win additional benefits. A "maybe" gets you the basics and a straight up "nope" gives you the ultimate freedom to pay out of pocket because the state isn't paying your crack addicted baby's fix.

-Mandatory-ish "third space" attendance to boost actual human interaction and by proxy, the population rate. Basically you gotta fill out at least 48 hours worth of time in places like clubs, cafés, libraries, churches etc. for each month. You get tickets for more fun and nice things.

-Public transport reigns supreme. I would hold nearly Japan levels of punctuation when it comes to the train schedules. Buses are more numerous and kept on time. Taxis don't cost a fuckload and are also government owned. Walking is actually possible and bike lanes are a thing.

-Conscription. All males 18+ must attend at least 6 months of military training in our glorious armed forces. Female participation is encouraged, bur ultimately optional.

-The official recognized state religion is Christianity, but this is more of a tradition and a formality rather than the basis of a theocracy. There are no blasphemy laws or stonings. This is mainly to say that we do infact celebrate a merry Christmas, not happy "Holidays" so shut the fuck up.

-No smartphones for the youth until the age of 10. See Gen Alpha, if reasons are unclear. Skibidi bop bop no no, you fucking squirts. Go play outside like we did.