Who would you marry? Bleached edition

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bwcguyfromohio said:

If you could pick one of these four to be your wife who would it be?

Satsuki Kiryuinūin




You can only pick one, don't be greedy.

"Don't be greedy."
Why would you show me something if I couldn't have it; Especially with ALL my favorite girls?!

Easily satsuki. She’s always been my favorite girl. I dream about conquering that tight untouched jap pussy and just turning her into my absolute slut wife/fuck toy. She’ll sport all sorts of bleached tattoos and clothing. At home, clothes immediately come off and she’ll crawl on the floor like the happy little dog she is

For me it's a toss up between Lusamine and Esdeath.

On one hand, smoking hot Spadeslayer Nazi wife... On the other hand, a literal MILF wife...

Damnit! Why must make me choose? :(

I can't decide but I'm fine with either one