A letter of gratitude

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So, i want to let out a lot of stuff, but first i'll present myself, you can call me Gott, 21 years old, artist and young aryan man (Blue eyes blonde hairs) i just want to say here how much i am grateful for the site to be back, for so long i had to hold back and to like fight teeths and nails for being appreciated just the way i am born, and always being careful and such, but here, i feel so much less compressed, i love it, and i love to resonate with the folks here, sure i have my preferences (Asian girls) but knowing i am not alone and the fact i can just let it out feels good, so thanks Bleachbooru, and thanks for everyone i have chatted so far, and i can't wait to chat with way more like minded folks, to finish this letter of Gratitude, how do i get the artist Tag? If anyone can answer me that i'll be very grateful

With love and happiness, i wish you a great day/night ❤️