Jjk is pro Bleached

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Death Note is pro-BLEACHED too.

Raye Penber (White American FBI agent) was engaged to Naomi Misora (Japanese). After Kira killed Raye, Naomi vowed to bring Kira to justice instead of running away.

L Lawliet was "a quarter Japanese, a quarter British, a quarter Russian, a quarter Italian"

Near (Nate River, White British) and Mello (Mihael Keehl, White Croatian) along with their white American team were the ones to outsmart the Japanese self-proclaimed god, Light Yagami (Kira) and stop his maniacal massacre. After everything, Light was shown in a VERY pathetic state at the end of the series in comparison to his usual haughty, arrogant self.

If we’re talking about even more series that are bleached, DBZ is a deceptively bleached as well, the Saiyans are white coded, both Goku and Vegeta take for themselves Asian wives, Vegeta literally cucking Yamcha and Goku being such a stud that he got Chi Chi to put out 2 kids and turn her from a fighter to a housewife. Those two also are the main defenders of the series, with Gohan being mixed having greater potential. Also, Vegeta always going on about Saiyan pride, just replace the race of Saiyan with white and it literally writes itself, on top of the literal ‘super’ Aryan transformations.