Bleached WiC (Waifu in Chief) Election 2024

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Inspired by a few other polls so I’m making a thread.

Imagine if you will the waifus of this site are getting together and holding an election to see who is chief among the white-worshiping sluts. Imagine and/or vote here who you would imagine to win as either the president of the Bwc cult or the vp

Current results will be edited to this starter post as we go along

Current rankings:

Rumi Usagiyama (4 vote)
Pharah (4 vote)
Sojourn (1 vote)
Sheva Alomar (1 vote)


SpanishConquistadorBWC said:

I think I'm gonna end up alone in this one, but I vote Sojourn. I really like to bleach black.

If you're going with black, then Sheva Alomar far outshines.