Thoughts on Incest?

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Nordic_redhaired_Bvll said:

Pretty much this.

White bloodlines are great because they are not as inbred as many other places unironically.

Just look at the middle east.

Do you know what monarchs did, friend? They kinda were all one big inbreeding family.

CatPriestFeli said:

Do you know what monarchs did, friend? They kinda were all one big inbreeding family.

This is such a bullshit pop history canard and it's annoying. Firstly they were on average definitely spaced apart enough that it wasn't a huge issues and second, the Church prohibited consanguinity to such a degree that Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile had to get dispensation to marry and they were second cousins which meant they only had 3% shared DNA.

Absolutely Immoral, disgusting and fucking dangerous. If you fuck your sister and your baby turns out retarded, its like you fucking made it retarded. its all your fault that someone was born that couldn't even decide that it wanted to be retarded or not. Ruining your bloodline for a SICK FUCKING FETISH is the worst thing you can do. Those who want to fuck their own mother are just sick as fuck and need not just therapy but a whole asylum for themselves. It's just so sick and disgusting. Just for the babies sake, incest couples that get pregnant should get forced to abort the baby.
The shame to know your parents are releated, fucked because of their mental sickness and then made you, a retarded poor soul that wouldn't be born if your parents wouldn't be horny retards.
Fucking mental retards those who fuck their siblings/cousins or parents.

Vile? Damn, I was expecting some more motivation for it...

In a world where genetics doesn't mess it up, sure! In ours... big yes to incest, big no to incest pregnancy! So maybe no pure continuation of white bloodlines, no matter how beautiful that'd be. I think there's enough white people for that, even if that number could go up a bit!