" Character Ages "

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This post is more of a rant if anything but does anyone else ever get pissed off when they go to post some hentai they like on discord, or reddit or any other social media only for it to be shot down within mere moments because " the characters are under-aged "- It just annoys because the thing is when it comes to anime ( unless it's Loli content ) - YES age IS JUST A NUMBER because the only difference between anime teenagers & anime adults is height.
Most people operate on a " not loli? not a problem " mindset however I keep running into communities where super lefty types will try to report or get my posts annihilated on the grounds of " the character is underaged " - you'll never get punished for it because without series context there's literally no way to know ( anime teens are drawn with adult proportions ) so the ones enforcing it KNOW it's both A) Not Immoral to enjoy & B) Inplausible to police everything - yet still they moderate it. It makes no sense, even the sites that host this type of NSFW don't go this anal on policing hentai.

That being said, there's my little rant/hot-take i'm dumping here - I'm now going to look at all the Schoolgirl, MHA , student X teacher porn I want.