On loli/shota, racial abuse, and ERP [RULES POST]

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This topic has been locked.

Loli and shota as well as some violent content has been added to the default blacklist.

The moderation has been instructed to remove posts that seem to invite harassment or violence against an individual or groups, as well as posts that appear to encourage real-world child sexual abuse. This has always been policy, but we're stepping up enforcement because we've been lax and also because frankly it annoys me when you people talk like that.

Do not call yourself a pedo, call women in straight shotacon content pedos, talk about raping children, or similar things, even in the context of sexual fantasy. Moderation will let you know, gently, when you step over the line, but "gentle" here means a three day ban. Similar guidelines have been issued for racial abuse and personal abuse. This is a raceplay booru so racially charged talk is the name of the game and I know we have masochists who enjoy racial abuse, but if you are posting another site's username and inviting racial "hate mail and harassment" to be sent to that username, we cannot distinguish between a hookup request and a personal army request. Post like a normal person and say you want to do some degradation play.

Speaking of ERP, we are cracking down on that purely because we find it annoying. Keep ERP hookups to the hookup thread or to DMails. Don't ERP on the forum. Don't ERP in comments. The latter is a fine line but if you're cringe your comment will disappear.

Rules and guidelines for tagging and moderation will be posted on the wiki at some point in the near future.