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Probably one of the threads I was most looking forward to with the new Booru, this is just a thread for Erotic Roleplay (ERP) or just standard Roleplay (RP) ads. No real format, just state clearly what you are looking for, and if you want to be DMed through the Booru or through another service like Discord (in which case, provide your contact info for that). Kink lists are recommended, but not required.

Here's hoping we can pull in some good people and have some fun! Good luck everyone!

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  • Just a whit guy looking for some nigger, spics, chinks or really any inferiors who want to have fun doing some erp.

    Im happy to rp wither here or discord doesnt matter to me and i dont have any specific ideas at this point but i would be more than happy to work on some with you.

    Some of my kinks include the obvious, raceplay ect. but i enjoy things like public/semi-public, anal, oral, wholesome ect.

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  • Hey there recreating my post here:
    I'm wandering if there is any healslut, tankslut or dps slut here on the booru. If so hmu in dm here or on discord: Shadyyy#6933

    Also up to do any rp, i can give you my kink list if you want to but keep in mind I'm a straigth male ^^

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  • And we're back!
    Good Morning, Bleached! So nice to be back here after that excruciating hiatus, I've been very much out of practice since my mandatory time away. As always, I'm still a White Dude, hoping for pals of the feminine variety. Yes, I know, women don't exist on the internet, but ignorance is bliss, I don't need to know you're a guy playing females.
    Right, so, I've still been eternally thirsty for Robot Girls, not my fault they're just friggin' awesome. But, unfortunately, since the resurrection of this website just sprang up on me, I do not have any of them linked. So, just trust me when I say they're the greatest thing to ever happen to this world.
    I also do overly complicated plot making. I really love that stuff. Medieval Fantasy or Futuristic Sci Fi junk, whatever, I love spilling all kinds of ideas with the hopes of playing them out.
    Okay, I think that's good for now. I'll keep it short-ish, because I really came unprepared, but I pray that won't turn away any potential friends.
    Gungirl Appreciator#5413
    Because I only do this stuff on Discord. Sorry, man, it's just significantly easier to do anything on there. Especially talk about all my nerd junk. Regardless of whether or not you take me up on this, I would like to thank you for your time. Now, please, have yourself a blessed day!

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  • Salutations, I'm once more opening shop for erp. I have plots for the following regions and the ethnicities found, therein.

    America (North, Central and South)

    I also do plots with fantasy races, I'm not terribly stuck to any time period, so I'm more then happy to work with any period, or alternate time periods.

    I also do plots with:

    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Star Wars
    Warhammers; Fantasy, 30K and 40K

    General J. Ironwood#2244

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  • Looking to play/chat as the mega-cocked white Alpha of your dreams, no matter what age that is. You can be a relative or a worshiper of superior White cock.

    I can RP, chat in-character, or do caption swap. Hit me up!

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  • I'm an asian boy, friends with a shy asian girl I really want to be cucked and have her stolen away but she doesn't know about my fetish or bleached at all
    Message me for discord or if you have ideas on how I can get her to talk to a guy and subtly be stolen from me.

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  • Hii! Im quinn, a limitless spic slut looking for a sexy roleplay! Something i absolutely love is worldbuilding and making up a whole world to play in, and I'd love to do that with any white daddies or mommies who will have me~ if you like being creative, and want to rp in a sexy white supremacist world, hmu~

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  • Spic_slut_quinn said:

    Hii! Im quinn, a limitless spic slut looking for a sexy roleplay! Something i absolutely love is worldbuilding and making up a whole world to play in, and I'd love to do that with any white daddies or mommies who will have me~ if you like being creative, and want to rp in a sexy white supremacist world, hmu~

    How would you like to be contacted? Discord?

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  • White male looking for Asian and brown/arab woman for sexting exchanging pics and maybe something irl I prefer talking over discord till i get used to this new site my
    Discord Croshagger18#2972

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  • Gook homo faggot into virtually anything and everything looking to be put in my place like the yellow-skin chink I am in a roleplay. If you're interested in ERP, send me your discord and I'll friend you! Hate messages and death threats are also welcome!


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  • Hi there, people! It's been a while. I would wanna start things off relatively tame - recently, I've experienced the sudden and unexplainable urge to play as either Chichi or Bulma. The end goal is, of course, to have either one of them cheat on her husband with a pale human dick. If this sounds appealing to you, send a DM my way. We can discuss our preferences and contact information there. You should know in advance that I am only looking for one person in total and that I am not the kinkiest individual around - you'll have to find someone else interested in your horse vore orgy, sorry.

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  • Hey everyone seeing this! 21, almost 22, straight white dominant male here looking to rp. If you would like to rp, then hmu on here or Discord. TitanRamm#2374 but if you add me on Discord, please let me know where you're from so I know if you're from here or not!

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  • Hi! I'm a white dominant male looking for submissive slutty females of non white skin tone to chat with and have fun on Discord. My ID is Excellionus#7138. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! Niggers and chinks are preferred~!

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  • Hello! Anybody I may have messaged on the old (v2) site is free to message me here. Otherwise, any non white woman is free to message me as well. Or white guys just wanting a chill convo for a moment respite. Conversations about history are welcome, not required however.

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  • Greetings! Good to see the Booru is up and running once again. I'm a white guy currently looking for someone to chat with or who can play as female characters for a long-term, detailed roleplay. Preferably centered in White Supremacy and Asian humiliation, although these requirements can vary depending of the setting. Feel free to pick one of the next franchises: Fate Grand Order, Persona, My Hero Academia, Destiny 2, Kill la Kill, One Punch Man, Genshin Impact, Smite, Highschool DxD, VTubers, Akame ga Kill, Final Fantasy VII, Mortal Kombat, Marvel/DC, Overwatch, RWBY, Smash Brothers, Avatar, etc.

    I'm also willing to try a combination of them, or other series and games I haven't mentioned if that's what my partner wishes. Franchises like: Bleach, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Street Fighter, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Soul Calibur, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Fairy Tail, Azur Lane, One Piece, Touhou, and more, are welcome as well! Just be advised, I don't know them completely or very well. It's up to you if you think it could still make for an enjoyable roleplay.

    The basic plot in most cases would involve a foreign white guy bleaching and conquering the girls. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the methods can vary. I'm open to 'dark' kinks like blackmail, hypnosis and brainwash or straight up non-con; but I also wouldn't mind wholesome, light-hearted themes like romance or just plain seduction, so feel free to share your ideas and opinions. Other preferences of mine include: Embarrassed Nude Female, spanking and twerking, but adding these are optional. Further details, kinks and limits can be discussed in private. That being said; extreme or disgusting things like bathroom stuff, vore, gore, inflation or hyper are not really my cup of tea. Neither feet or armpits.

    That would be all for now, we can talk either here or in Discord: MTX35#3681. DMs are always open to roleplay or just chat about ideas and settings. Thanks for reading. Have a good day/night!

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  • Hello there, whites! I’m looking to play as a shit-skinned faggot sissy for any rough, dominant white men or women. I’m absolutely ready to be your sex-slave, servant, or punching bag~

    Alternatively, I also wouldn’t mind a softer plot where I’m bought as a slave by a kind, compassionate white master. The kind that would make my heart flutter, and would keep me around as a pretty-looking object~

    Message me here, please! I can also get a Discord. But I’d prefer to talk here first.

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