How big is your cock

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T_700_Z said:

Self reported measurements are impossible to trust. My height is slightly above average (compared to the global average) so my dick is most likely above average as well.

I mean i agree you cant trust it, that said i dont see why that means dick size will be the same as height. Some tall dudes have small dicks.

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  • So, for me its kinda weird. I often measure my dick randomly across the year and the biggest ive ever gotten is in Spring/Summer with 8.1 inches. Tho in winter/fall i fall down to 7.8/7.9 inches. The same is for my height as im often 6‘1 in Spring, 5‘11 in summer, 6‘0 in fall and 5‘10 in winter.

    Bro i just dont know what the fuck is going on but i hope its normal to have differences in height/size across the time.

    White btw

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  • Depends on how horny I am. I'm still working on my weightloss, so I will probably be a whole 2 inches larger once I shed my excess fat. One thing that hasn't changed with weight is the thickness, I have gotten many compliments on its thickness.

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  • bleachedfemtoy said:

    How is every white man atleast twice as big as my me.. geez

    probably because the bleached website self selects for white dudes with bigger dicks or non-white dudes with smaller ones.

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