PSA: Do not upload pornography of real people

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This is a site for anime & 3d animation. Not your shitty clips of porn whores, amateur videos that look like they were recorded on a potato, pictures of social media hoes, or kpop idols that are more plastic than flesh. Go to any of the millions of other porn sites to see & post that stuff, here it'll just be deleted & you'll be banned from posting for a week.

I'm going to add more clarification to this decision.

This is primarily targeting "low effort" edits of IRL individuals, along with generally lowres images that, really, do not belong here that often. We already ban a lot of art that we consider "low quality", and we will be more stringent with IRL related content moving forwards.
That being said, I personally am perfectly content with permitting the uploading of high effort edited content that involves IRL individuals that also has a prevalent Bleached theme and is related to most of what already gets uploaded here.

An example would be post #3631. Not only is the image itself very high in resolution, but it also involves a cosplayer putting on an outfit of a series that already gets uploaded here often, and the image has been tattoo edited very well.
These are rules that Gelbooru and Danbooru both tend to have in regards to IRL content, and it is a rule that will be upheld on Bleachbooru.