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1girl aryan_female ass ass_grab ass_tattoo blue_eyes blue_hair breasts facial_tattoo garters genshin_impact hat leotard mona_(genshin_impact) no_bra onedoo pantyhose queen_of_hearts queen_of_hearts_tattoo tattoo witch

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My first attempt at some tatt edits, this one using GIMP. I'm not really satisfied with how the ass tatt came out here - the angle and curve of the ass on this image are a bit of a challenge to get the warping right and I don't think GIMP has the best transform tools for that sort of thing. I'm also a bit leery on the shading, I lowered the opacity to about 60% to try and show it obscured through her hose but I'm not sure it came out well.

A fun learning experience though, I might come back and spruce this one up a bit once I have some more experience.
I think it came out quite well