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1boy 1girl ahegao asian_female big_breasts big_penis big_testicles black_hair breasts carrying cow_ears cow_horns cowprint cum cum_in_pussy cum_inside double_peace_sign drugs ear_tag ebifurai edited elbow_gloves elbow_sleeve eyes_rolled_back hearts huge_penis lactating_nipples lactation large_breasts large_testicles legs_spread muscular muscular_male nipples open_mouth open-mouth_smile peace_sign penis pigtails raised_leg sex skin_edit skin_edit_(male) skin_fang smile spread_legs stomach_bulge stray_hair stray_pubic_hair tally_marks testicles thick_thighs thigh_highs thighs vagina vaginal_penetration

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these Japanese Kobe Beef hucows are some of the best onaholes I've had the pleasure of stuffing~

The one I railed even thanked me for giving her a night away from her drunken jap of a husband.