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All of us humiliation addict dirty girls get off on the idea of being a whore. Pretty stock stuff, right? "I will fuck the first guy who give me $50. Doesn't matter who he is or what he looks like or how he treats me." When you are a whore, the money decides, not your own little brain or your own faulty sense of self preservation.

But imagine, my friends, this life when you are Jewish. For us the shame is so much worse. When you have a pimp who promises to beat you up if you EVER turn down a $50 blowjob. Imagine praying that no one will be interested tonight. Imagine shutting down every guy who asks. Desperate to have a night without the taste of cum in your mouth and the smell of cock on your breath. You give him no encouragement. You pray that he will turn away. But then the money comes out. $10? "No." $25? "NO! Stop bothering me!" $40? Oh God! please please don't let him go farther. But he likes you, apparently. The wallet comes out.

"Sure your not interested? I know what your kind likes.", he says. And there it is. Oh god. Two $20s and a $10, fanned out in his hand. If you say no, word will get back to your pimp. He has this belt with a buckle. It hurts so bad .... You swallow hard and give that fake smile you have perfected and sink to your knees. He snorts: "Ha! you fucking kikes are all the same. Suck, penny-pincher."
Of course that is not how the artist sees it. I can see the hearts bubbling over Erica's head while she looks at the cash and sucks the cock. No one will ever believe that I am not eager for the transaction when they see me kneeling under a wad of cash making love to a white cock. Everyone sees what is going on. Everyone sees my big wide kike eyes staring at the cash. Is all this thick drool gag-spit from the blowjob or is it just what happens when you hold cash in front of a jewgirl. Is it Eros or Pavlov that has me dripping drool on my top. The smirks that surround me suggest that they have all decided.