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1488 algiz baelz_hakos black_nazi black_sun blm_handcuff blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair celtic_cross ceres_fauna confederate_flag confederate_flag_swimsuit dark_skin dark-skinned_female fleur_de_lis green_hair hololive hololive_english iron_cross long_hair mjolnir nanashi_mumei nazi nazi_eagle odal ouro_kronii red_hair reichsadler schutzstaffel schutzstaffel_tattoo sonnenrad ss_tattoo swastika theme_clothing third_reich_flag totenkopf tsukumo_sana virtual_youtuber white_hair wolfsangel yellow_eyes

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Good stuff. Love the variety!
Look at that! Hololive girls ready for summer!
Love their outfits, something worth of using~
Nep_BWC_lover said:
Love their outfits, something worth of using~
Would definitely love to see some girls wearing them~
I can't believe we got a caramel skinned gen member and now she's graduating. She was supposed to be the main target for bleached content amongst her pears...