Tooooooo bad♥
I'll have to postpone the kiss won't I~♥
1boy 1girl ahoge animal_ear_fluff animal_ears asian asian_female bangs bar_censor blowing blush cat_ears cat_girl censored cock_teasing erection fantasy_race heart hetero highres hololive leaking_precum matarou_(matarou072) monster_girl nekomata_okayu nose_blush penis pointless_censoring precum profile purple_eyes purple_hair short_hair smug solo_focus spoken_heart sweat teasing translated twitching_penis veins veiny_penis virtual_youtuber white_background

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The context of the image is that it was July 6th, International Kissing Day, when the male in the image/viewer asked Okayu for a kiss on their penis. As she was going to do so however, the date changed.