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1boy 1girl asian_female black_hair blush breasts closed_eyes edited hand_on_face huge_breasts long_hair onodera_(einsatz) saliva skin_edit sweat white_male white_skin

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Can someone make a darkskin edit of this?
White men and Asian women go together like bread and butter, it's like nature intended it. Their darker, supple bodies and white men's strong, broad physique. The perfect pair for pure, unrelenting domination. Asian girls, hit me up on discord and we can talk about how you should be conquered and colonized by white dick; AkaliChamp#2278
Quiet girl, if you're not I'll pay your mom a visit after I'm done with you!
LazyFagTard said:
Can someone make a darkskin edit of this?
No need, the original is exactly that