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I have a post be rejected for "QC" which I am guessing means quality control? It was post #84069 for reference.

But that was really all there was to it. Just the letters QC. If there are actual...I don't know, feedback or descriptions of what "quality" means then I would love to hear it. Because I spent 3 days working on the image and I can't find any single thing wrong with it. I looked up the forum post about real people to see what is and isn't allowed and put the bleached clothing theme to help fit into the rules and guidelines here. So to have put so much work into making a picture edit, for it just so effortlessly rejected with "QC" seems like I put in more work than the person who rejected the post in few seconds or minutes they put in it.

I have some feedback for the approval / disapproval system though. Give some more descriptive reasons if it is something like quality control. Then I can actually try again and make the picture better.

domike1 said:

I know nothing about editing, so I'm not giving feedback

But edits of real people are usually deleted. Specially famous people

Yes that is why I consulted the "real people thread"[topic #96]. It said they are allowed if they can go with a certain theme, or if the image is edited. And so I did that. And the reason I was given for rejection was "QC" and not because it's a real person so I am not seeing what the issue is. If I can get it approved by another moderator or clarity around the subject from one then that would help a lot.